Friday, January 13, 2017

Walking on....

So here's a follow up to my last post, really more of a request from one good friend and reader who suggested I should give more insight, perspective as well as more detailed timeline on my injury..

20.Nov.16 - the PoP
So I am really a very active basketball player in the beautiful City of Lusaka, Zambia and I play basketball everyday of the week - well at least before this injury;-) So on on the fateful weekend of 20th Nov 2016 15minutes into a routine game; I grabbed a defensive rebound turned to my left dribbling the ball heading towards the opposite basket - that's when it happened! PoP! My achilles tendon (tendon that connects the heel to the calf muscle) raptured; I fell to the floor and knew from that instant that I had a long challenging road ahead of me. It was depressing and very low moment for me especially that I had just returned to near my best form after a recent injury that had me out for 4.5months. Add to that there was the 'small matter' of not being able to walk!

21.Nov.16 - Surgery
The very next day on Monday I had my surgery scheduled to repair the raptured achilles tendon on my left foot
My surgery started at 3pm and was completed at about 6pm...You will notice my very deliberate effort to avoid going into depth about the surgical procedure and I reckon you will appreciate my reason - I loathed the bloody experience!!
A PoP (Plaster of Paris) cast was put on my foot at gravity equinus to allow the tendon to heal and would not be able to put any weight on the foot.
For those of you still curious see below link to achilles tendon repair procedures:

Week 1 post-op 28.Nov.16
The first week after operation was spent on my back puking and helpless recovering from the side effects of Anesthesia medication. I couldn't move easily or eat and survived on fluids mostly as nothing more could stay in my body. I would reject anything just minutes after consuming, the hallucinations were real and trust me I was no hero in any of them...

Week 2 post-op (5.Dec.16)
A little less of the effects of week one but just more headaches, back ache and dizziness. Remarkably I have never to this day experienced pain on the tendon whatsoever and I sometimes even worried that something wasn't right.
I continued to take in more fluids and anti biotic during this week. I was able to eat too without much food rejection. I was beginning to learn to walk on crutches and get a bit more mobile (as per last article).

Week 3 post-op: Doctor's appointment (12.Dec.16)
I was excited that this week my uncomfortable PoP cast would be removed and doctor would give me insight on my healing. I was even more excited about being able to see my incision and sutures for first time...
Well it was pretty ugly sight and painful when the stitches were removed, healing on the tendon was progressing well and I loved the way my foot was looking (sarcasm).
After stitches were removed a new cast was placed on the foot also at gravity equinus position. The cast was a fiberglass Orthopedic cast and would be removed after 3 weeks.
With that I returned to my crutches and left the clinic.

Week 4 post-op (19.Dec.16)
Nothing much to report here other than I was getting rather good at using the crutches and could drive around since my car is an automatic transmission no issues there.
I did learn a few things though about how much we don't understand the challenges Physically challenged individuals face at everyday places e.g. Malls etc; Man! And I didn't notice this before the injury - The terrain of most places is very difficult to navigate when you are on crutches or that your trip to the mall ends as soon as the lift is not working....such simple things I experienced taught me to be more considerate to others plights in life.

Week 5 post-op (26.Dec.16)
There was little to talk about here too except that I had began my upper body workouts with as little exercise I could afford on the upper left leg muscles too. I was also getting pretty agitated by the fiberglass cast (it looks cool but pretty hard). I could not just place it anywhere as it could tear couch - wifey pointed that out clearly! I was also tired of just sitting around the house so most of what I covered in the last article, yeah impatient me!

Week 6 post-op: Doctor's review (3.Jan.17)
Cast is finally off!! The doctor's appointment was really anti-climatic as I expected a little more from him other than you have to start walking for next 3 weeks and other muttered instructions like ''no exercises''
I did ask lots of questions and among them - how the hell should I walk? My foot was at an equinus angle and standing up straight was nearly and painfully impossible. He explained they would put 1" or 2cm heel lifts in my shoes to help get my foot from Equinus to neutral which is more like standing up straight and then I would start weight bearing partially to full weight bearing through the 3 weeks. The heel lifts would be removed gradually till I can walk comfortably at neutral. I would then start my physio at my next appointment in week 9.
And so with that my first walk since 20th November 2017 began. At first it was extremely painful and I still had to use my crutches, standing up straight was hard and bearing any weight on the foot was not easy. I felt the pain every single step I took, the heel was just excruciatingly difficult to step on and ice treatment after walking was key to reducing swelling. By the 3rd day of this week, I was able to walk without crutches albeit very slow and by Weekend I was able to navigate the stairs in our house. So yeah I am walking, and I'm continue to 'walk on...'

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Crutches on...

I recently underwent surgery for a complete rapture of an achilles tendon on my left foot which was in itself a depressing moment and for a couple of weeks my plans, hopes and world were all lost in that PoP cast on my ankle stuck there for what seemed to me an eternity to come.
Am usually a very optimistic individual but this was a downright low moment for me, I had worked so hard to get to this point in my life and now for the next 10weeks minimum I would not walk and then there would be hard work of physio. Total expected recovery time = 28 weeks (4-6 months). At this point I won't bother to even go into the Surgical procedure experience as I feel confident I have painted a gloomy enough picture.

It's hard to pick yourself up from a melee like that in your physical health but it just depicted the challenge I had in front of me to rise above! So 2 weeks after surgery I took my crutches and took my first steps I left the house for the first time, it wasn't easy, it gave me a perspective of life that I never had, I took walking and mobility for granted and just a couple of weeks without it was hard! With 8 weeks left these crutches have become the best tools I have and I gotta make sure I get pretty darn good at using them or I can't move at all. This has helped me look at the positive spin on things at least (it's not easy and I have low days still). I recently discovered I could do upper leg exercises with them which was amazing and if you are in my position the small victories matter.

It's not just my physical health that was affected, it's pretty much most of my life - can't drive or work or do mundane things and this in turn has affected my psyche. Am not able to do so much I had planned out and certainly this has a huge impact on my goals for the end of the year and most definitely new year. There are things currently, I can't handle hands on which have spun out of control too.

My former youth Basketball coach reached out to me recently helping me get in the right attitude and let me know that if I really wanna get better I gotta get in the right frame of mind so here's what he said;

"you have to live as though nothing has the normal things you would do and just live your life!"

I was amazed at how bold those words were and at first it all seems impossible but it's not. Certainly it's hard but it is the first step to having to change my mindset and his honesty as well as encouragement put me in a get up and go attitude.
I will not say am up and kicking at 100% both mind as well as body but I will say that I am definitely not lying on my back waiting for a miracle....So whether you facing tough times or physical challenges or whatever it is you going through I say pick up whatever pieces of hope and strength you got let's get our crutches on....because we gonna make it!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Every path has its story

Often people talk about where we are and the challenges at that point and how stagnating those challenges are proving to where they hope to be. Truth be told everyone of us are almost always faced with this conundrum but the difference with making it out of that rut is really focusing on the lessons and opportunities available to take you where you want to be. 

When we are 'stuck' somewhere it is easy as well as almost acceptable to say; "well, I'll just accept defeat - that's about all I can do!" However that, as easy as it sounds isn't it - we have an opportunity to build a 'water well' right in the desert.
What I mean here is that you could look at your destination (where you hope to go to) and ask yourself this question; "what is it that I can do or learn from where I am today that could help me get to where I want to go?"

Life is a journey, places and situations are our paths and each of them has a story. Can you look back at where you've been and see that both tough and good situations all served some purpose - tell a story and led you one way or another to where you are? Maybe the tough situations helped you learn a skill, taught you to be patient, gave you strength, helped you learn some weakness and even showed you your mistakes...

There's a story in each of our lives and just because where we are now is hard or challenging doesn't mean the story has come to an are making a new one - yes your situation right now is a script in the making and you are acting it out.

How is it that as we go about our journey we find it easy to negate everything we go through - I mean you can find negatives in your job right now, you can find problems in your family and just about everything?

How about we learn to put a positive spin to all our challenges - yes even the one you are in right now! Put a positive spin to it and let that path tell it's own story. 
"Where there's hope there's life." so you maybe down but not out because every path has it's story and you just made a brief stop where you are right now; make the most of it - learn something and get ready for your next stop!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

New beginnings!

I think the title is most appropriate for this phase of my life..I mean am starting a new journey and the most interesting time of my life.
Over the past couple of months I've been amazed at how often I get the unwelcome interest (forgive my honesty here..) in what am doing, where I am and a lot of variations along that line. Frankly speaking I do not enjoy this gauging and sizing of my life. But I have also many joys in answering those questions, I can honestly say I have an arsenal of answers to pick from; I dare you to ask me again.

So anyway new beginnings - firstly my blog template has changed (I doubt for the better) but it has. I was looking for something that would communicate who I have become, what am feeling and where am looking to be. Bright, positive, enthusiastic, fun, realistic  but still Jacob! ummm. I went for a bit of pink, just to get more of the ladies to read..yes true.
So my new beginnings involve a total transformation that has happened in my life, I started out this blog as a technical piece 6 years ago but that is absolutely what I am aiming to change going forward, that is far from the person I am.

I have learnt Life and what I believe it is about: the journey! So if you are here to share, teach, learn and co-exist, I think am your guy! I will not have the limitations of subject on this platform anymore, but rest assured you can get inspiration right here.

To give you perspective of who I am now see below;

 "I am still on the right side of 30 - the last 29 years were about uncovering a dream and am now ready to follow! Part of that means goodbyes but if you only do what you do now you will never be more than you are now!"

I am braver, ask a lot of questions, probably talk a lot, am still gonna make mistakes and make a fool of myself at times but I am chasing my dream and really not too far off.

Join me on my journey of new beginnings!

Friday, August 30, 2013

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Hello all,

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

the 2nd coming!

Hey all i return from my hiatus on the 1st of June 2013 and bring with me great and fresh new posts. Watch this space.

Cheers Jacob

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scheduled Crawl issue on Search service application

Happy New year to all,

The previous year has been one of lessons challenges and triumphs in various ways and much as we may want to deny it so will this year. For me every path is a lesson and a learning environment and every failure is an opportunity to make myself better in what i do especially in SharePoint and personally the challenge i have is learning to communicating my abilities-that's what this year very exciting!!!

My first blog is actually more of an issue that i would love SP2010 guru's to help out with ideas and is open for discussion...

We have a Search service application which we setup with 2 content sources one to search local sharepoint sites and the 2nd exclusively for our document center. Both of these content sources were configured to run a crawl twice in a day i.e. a full crawl at midnight (12am) and an incremental crawl at midday (12pm). However 2 issues i have noticed over the past 3months or rather 3months ago was that:
  • Neither crawl ran as scheduled and this prompted me to check all other scheduled jobs and found that none have been running. The logs also indicate the SharePoint 2010 Timer service starts and terminates frequently with the error below:
The SharePoint 2010 Timer service terminated with service-specific error %%-2147467259.
(Could this be the cause?)
Restarting the service yields no fruitful results and we have to manually perform crawls.
  • Secondly the search results in our document center often yield the old results i.e. of items that may have changed or been removed from the Records Center but links do open the current documents.
(Again could this be as a result of the crawl not working?)

Basically our search service application has not given us any serious issues to denote other than these 2 and anyone with an idea of what could be causing the issues above and what we may be over-looking, let me know and you can always feel free to leave a comment or post below this blog. thanks a span and i look forward to my next blog for the year!